The following firms have been approved by the Board of Directors.

Any concerns or objections must be in writing and provided to the office before Friday, July 5th.

These firms are scheduled for induction Wednesday, July 10th  

Bright Star  Care of Puyallup
Classification: Home Health Care (Skilled & Companion)
Employees: 5
Years in Biz: 1
Sponsor: ______?

Classification: Home Senior Care (Meal Prep/Housecleaning)
Employees: 48
Years in Biz: 3
Sponsor: N2 Publishing

The Pipe Guys:
Classification: Sewer & Drain Repair
Employees:  5
Years in Biz: 26
Sponsor: Bob Larson Plumbing

Terra Firma:
Classification:  Foundation Repair
Employees: 20
Years in Biz: 15
Sponsor:  AMI