• Facts

     FACTS about Tacoma Executives Association
    Began in 1917. * Part of international affiliation (I.E.A.)
    Fifty-six firms currently belong. * Firm is the member, not individual.
    Business only - not civic, charity, religious, etc. * Financially stable.

    $250.00 initial fee
    75% refundable if not accepted, unless due to poor credit.
    Pays for screening firms (means reputable firms), name badges, roster  booklet, roster inclusion, Employee Gold, orientation luncheon, and 6-month plaque.

    $285.00 per quarter (fully
    deductible) Includes lunch every week (13 weeks).
    Biggest bang for the buck in Pierce County!

    Each week 11:30 - 12:45 p.m.. Consider it a standing business appointment. Alternate may attend if rep. can't make it. "An empty chair does no business". Under 60% attendance may open classification for competitor.

    No other group does so much to increase YOUR business!!
    We are "Leads" and "Networking" oriented. Other "referral" groups may not have protected classifications, a membership as large, or been as successful for so long.

    The Tacoma Executives Association has no need to be well known, and does not advertise. Tacoma Executives Association exists exclusively to increase the business success of its members.

    Executives Association is different because:
    1).Friendly tone of meetings.
    2).Personal relationships develop over time.
    3).Procedures in place to offer your firm techniques ways to succeed through Tacoma Executives Association

    Pierce County’s Premier Networking Organization!