What is T.E.A.?

    The Tacoma Executives Association is the premier networking group in South Puget Sound assisting the growth of our members' businesses.
    It is a 91 year old Leads & Networking group that really works!

    How Much Does It Cost?

    The application fee is $250. Quarterly dues are $220 which include lunch for one representative for 13 weeks at CI Shenanigans on the waterfront (a member firm).

    Is my classification open?

    If there is not an exisiting member that holds the category in which 60%+ of your firms revenue is earned through, you may apply.

    If not, how can I join?

    Your firm can be put on the waiting list and if that category should open up you will be given a phone call or email to let you kow. Most firms belong for 14 years, so be patient!

    How does joining benefit my company?

    You will have access to dependable sources of supply, you will generate new business, you will receive new business sales opportunities, you will have chances to improve your leadership and speaking skills, and you will learn of new developments and services from other members. You will also have 75 experts at your disposal!

    Do I have access to members' mailing lists?

    Yes, all members receive mailing and email addresses of all other member firms and their principals.

    How do I generate leads for firm?

    Leads are generated by being involved with numerous members and educating them about what your firm offers and how you operate.
    The more firms you get to know the more sources you have to sell your firm to their circle of influence.