• How to Join

    Most members find that membership in the Tacoma Executives Association is the biggest bang for their marketing dollar.

    If you think that the Tacoma Executives Association is a good fit for your firm, you first need to be sure your classification is open and your firm is eligible to join. If you have been in business for at least two years your are eligible to join. Call the office to check that your category is open OR see our "Open Classification" list online.

    Simply complete the application, the credit application, the classification attestation, and the New Member checklist. Print and fax these to the office with your non-refundable initiation fee of $250. This fee must accompany your application.

    After the application and initiation check are submitted, a corporate background check and visitation by the Membership committee will occur. The applicant will be presented to the Board Of Directors at its monthly meeting. If an application is approved it will be announced and published to the membership for two weeks. If no objections are received, the application is approved and the member will attend the next weekly meeting. Membership will not be official for a period of 3-7 weeks after application is made.

    $285 per quarter is payable in advance, includes all luncheon charges and dues ($176 and $44 respectively). New members will be pro-rated.