Steps to Join Tacoma Executives Association

1. Check Your Classification is Open

Click here to make sure your classification is not currently filled.

2. Make Sure You’re Ready for the Commitment of Joining

As an Executive
You accept the responsibility of representing your Company as a member firm of this Association…

  • To attend regularly scheduled meetings.
  • To discover and pursue practical ways you can assist other members.
  • To encourage, solicit and receive business from member firms.
  • To provide business to other member firms whenever possible.
  • To provide information as assistance to other member firms when requested.
  • To give leads and act professionally upon leads received from other members.
  • To furnish third party leads and contacts to other member firms.
  • To recommend member firms to your associates, employees, friends and family.

3. Complete Application

Completed application packets may be mailed, faxed, or emailed to:

Tacoma Executives Association
5727 Baker Way NW, Suite 200, Gig Harbor WA 98332
Tel: 253.525.5142
Fax: 253.265.3043
[email protected]

Please Note: Application process will not start until $250 initiation fee is received.

4. Pay the Non-Refundable Initiation Fee

What Others are Saying About Tacoma Executives Association

“I have been amazed and impressed with the way I have been welcomed. I am glad to be a member of the Tacoma Executives Association.”
– Scott Larsen, Great Promotions!

“Our membership with the Tacoma Executives Association continuously provides us with the opportunity to connect with local small business owners in the community that we serve. The relationships we’ve built have proven to be long-lasting and mutually beneficial.”

– Dan Niclai, Banner Bank

“Tacoma Exec’s is like anything else business related, you get out of it what you put into it. Don’t just show up every now and then and expect to get business, you need to get involved, and make it a priority to be there and participate.”

– Chad Waterman, South Tacoma Honda

“It has been a great experience and 15 years of meeting new people and establishing lasting friendships. To me, Tacoma Execs is about committing time to others and helping them get business opportunities. If you show members that you care about them, hopefully they will return the favor. I also feel that you commit as much time as possible to the events offered. Getting to know people better will add trust and make it easier for a referral.”

– Former Member Don Gustafson, Gustafson’s Fine Flooring

“Tacoma Execs is a great Association that blends a variety of good local businesses that encourages strong business relationships within the group as well as the opportunity to create friendships and have fun as well.”

– Kurt Schmitz, City Glass & Upholstery

Next Steps Once You’ve Been Approved for Membership

After the application and initiation check are submitted, a corporate background check and visitation by the Membership committee will occur. The applicant will be presented to the Board Of Directors at its monthly meeting. If an application is approved, it will be announced and published to the membership for two weeks. If no objections are received, the application is approved and the member will attend the next weekly meeting? Membership will not be official for a period of 3-7 weeks after application created.

$285 per quarter is payable in advance; this payment includes all luncheon charges and dues ($221 and $64 respectively). New members will be pro-rated.