• Brandon the founder shared with us that they have been in business over?20 years!
  • Bay Shore is excellent at:
    o ?digging in the dirt?
    o Pipe placement and repair
    o Installing and maintaining septic systems
    o Sewer line repair and replacement
    o Leak detection
    o Excavation for foundations
    o Clearing of trees for new construction
    o Demolition
  • What sets Bay Shore Construction apart?
    o They are your one stop shop with a wide variety of construction related services all in
    one place
    o They have a wide service area which they service
  • How to refer leads to Bay Shore Construction
    o?Do?send us anyone in need of the services mentioned
    o?Don?t?send us anyone in need of septic pumping services, that is one we don?t offer!

Member News

  • ABC Physical therapy is looking for either a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant to
    work with them!
  • Vedere is looking for a new lead contractor
  • Evergreen Home Loans needs new loan officers