• Mike from Nature’s Way Tree Service shared his passion for trees, every new project is a puzzle to solve
  • Tree services are the 2nd most deadly profession in the United States!
  • Mike uses spurless pruning
  • Both Mike and his wife are professional arborists and train people!
  • Nature’s Way Tree Service has a?professional arborist on every job

Member News

  • Heartland Payment Systems is hiring online.?Click here to see their online hiring page
  • Our hosted gala?HAPPY HOUR?is on August 23rd.?For the ?BIG? event October 20th our raffle item is a?trip to?anywhere AAA Washington books (the world! Up to $4000)
  • A good lead for Eisenhower Carlson PLLC would be anyone who wants to protect intellectual property or is already in dispute?over same
  • Agora Northwest has a new “Bean to Cup” coffee maker available called the VareaDe Jong Duke Varea – a perfect choice for offices between 20 and 40 people
  • ABC Physical Therapy just hired 2 new massage therapists and has a $50 special available
  • Lile Moving just invested in 4 employees? training to become certified in?cubicle?disassemble/reassemble
We are looking to find members in Dry Cleaning, Electric HVAC, and Communications